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So you've searched and asked around and can't find a single application available that does exactly what you need it to do. What's the answer ..... go down the bespoke route.

More and more companies are deciding that the only way to make sure an application does exactly what they need it to do is to get it built from the ground up. That's why GMAC Consulting has been designing, defining and developing bespke solutions for companies large and small using the best tried and trusted development solutions for more than 10 years.

Even if you can't tell us what it is you need your application to do our 6 point approach guarantees that you will get the software you want. Just as importantly any espoke solutions is built in a way that it can interface and talk to your other applications and grow and adapt as your business does.

Over the many years we have been doing this we have designed and developed software, web applications and desktop applications for just about any requirement you can think of. Here are just a few of the aplications that we have built in recent years.

  • Pig & Pipeline Managment
  • Close Out Tracking
  • Safety Critical Equipment Maintenance
  • Drawing As Building and Approval
  • Lifting Tool Certification
  • Asset Integrity 
  • Knowledge Management
  • Real Time Operations
  • Choke Modelling & Production Efficiency
  • My Workplace Portal
  • Engineering Equipment Support & Maintenance
  • Lessons Learned
  • Document Management
  • Cost Management

So How do we Guarantee you get exactly what you want ?

At GMAC we use a structured and quality-driven approach to the production of all our bespoke solution whether they run on an intranet, extranet, internet or on the users desktop. By following the simple steps below we have never failed to deliver to one of our customersand that's a record we won't give up....ever.

1. Requirements Analysis

We work very closely with our clients in fact together with them in most cases using various analytical techniques to gather requirements for the intended solution. These are then documented and agreed with all the stakeholders before anything else is done.

2. Design and Functional Specification

From the agreed requirements we produce a detailed functional specification of the system. This includes detailed designs of all components required and will include technology specifications, such as environment and server requirements, if required. Screen layouts of the main functional areas will be included and the user interface will be fully described so the client can get an appreciation of how they will interact with the completed application. Reports, interfaces and other output required from the system will also be detailed in this document.

3. Implementation

Our team of experienced developers supervised by our project manager then take the functional & design specification and develop the solution as it was detailed and agreed in steps 1 and 2.  Where appropriate, clients are able to test prototypes during the development process in order to provide feedback. Although the solution is agreed at this point through the use of a change control management system the agreed solution may be modified along the way. This will sometimes result in additional costs and length of development but estimates are provided for the additional work and agreed by the client up front before we deviate from the client approved specification.

4. Testing and Customer Acceptance

Once the solutions has been properly built and passed numerous in house testing and quality assurance, the system is released to our client for testing prior to a final iteration which includes formal client acceptance testing.

5. Deployment and Training

GMAC work with the client to determine the most appropriate method of deployment for the project. This may involve everything from a packaged application deployed on a CD, no touch deployment or maybe an internally or externally hosted application. Our team will be on hand to help out and train all users and administrators of the system every step of the way.

6. Ongoing Support and Maintenance

All of our work is covered by warranty, but additional on-going application support and maintenance agreements ensure that your system is carefully monitored and running smoothly on a daily basis. We can offer a wode variety of services tailored to the system and our clients needs including a 24x7x365 service if one is required.  

Our expertise

Our dedicated team has years of expeience building tailor made solutions that are user centered and fully focus on being not only fit for purpose but also easy to use, easy to learn, maintainable, expandable and able to interface with your other applications through the use of trusted techniques like web services.

We also pride ourselves in developing solutions that don't have to add to your helpdesk or IT burden by making use of technologies like no touch deployment for our desktop applications which delivers and installs not only the application the first time the uses goes to run it on their dektop but also any updates to the application through it's lifetime.

For web solutions GMAC Consulting can also offer a fully secure, hosted platform for you to run it from as well as full support for that platform so your IT staff don't need to worry about a thing.

If you would like to put us to the test and see what benefits our bespoke application development service or any of others could bing you then please contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you!

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