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Data Integrity

What do we mean by data integrity well put simply in business terms, data integrity is the assurance that data is consistent, certified and can be reconciled.

As the need to derive meaningful information from large sets of data becomes a higher priority both in the public and private sector, Data Integrity is what gives users the assurance that the information they see is trustworthy.

Data Integrity is clearly important and now it seems there are so many more questions:

  • How do you ensure data integrity?
  • How can the integrity of my data be compromised?
  • What activities go in to providing data integrity assurance?
  • How is data integrity success/failure reported?
  • What’s the worst that could happen if a little of my data lacks integrity?

Without proper attention given to Data Integrity, a company can be exposing itself to several risks including:

  • Inaccurate or incomplete reporting: Both internally and externally
  • Increased labor costs: Time and resources spent to fix data issues
  • Increased processing costs: Resulting from errors not being identified early enough.

GMAC Consulting provided resources for over a year helping a leading oil service company identify areas where it's data integrity could be getting compromised. This was through actions like inappropriate controls or delegations of authority, incomplete auditing of system interfaces or manipulation of extracted data prior to presentation. During this time we lead and took part in mapping excercises detailing the lifespan of pieces of key data that helps drive the companies profitability. The finding were presented to upper management and action plans where drawn up on how these areas could be improved and savings could be potentially made.

Would you like to know how your data integrity maybe being compromised and the associated costs of this, if so then  please contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you!

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